1 June 2017

N$20 sex at Oshikango

The difficult economic circumstances in Namibia and Angola have turned Oshikango into a cesspool of cheap commercial sex as people either try to make ends meet or to escape the […]
18 May 2017

WannaCry: An Ongoing Worldwide Cyberattack

A global cyber attack has been underway since 12 May 2017, affecting more than 200,000 organisations in 150 countries. In the UK, the major assault hit 47 NHS trusts, leading […]
6 May 2017

Deactivate all WordPress plugins from the database using phpMyAdmin

If you experience problems with your WordPress installation such as not being able to log in to the admin area and/or having blank pages. You can easily disable all WordPress […]
6 May 2017

Force HTTPS in cPanel using .htaccess file

Sometimes it is necessary to make sure your website’s visitors use the SSL encrypted connection. For example, if a visitor access http://www.domain.com, you can force them to https://www.domain.com so that […]
5 May 2017

Tours and Safaris – Focus Safaris Africa

Focus Safaris Africa’s Short Tours take you to Major Game Ranches, Lodges and Guest farms. These tours provide the traveller with a taste of Namibia. You can combine them to […]
4 May 2017

EXEDIN – Microsoft Learning Partner in Namibia

MICROSOFT Technologies has appointed Exedin Training Academy as its Namibian Microsoft Learning Partner. Exedin Training Academy is a wholly Namibian owned company and is the only Microsoft Learning Partner in […]
4 May 2017

Onguma’s luxury campsites

Onguma offers two campsites for adventurous souls exploring Namibia. Tamboti Campsite The 20 sites are all nestled in the trees of the Onguma Reserve and each camper is ensured privacy […]
4 May 2017

Beware of Yellow fever

Reports of yellow fever have increased across Central, East and West Africa during the past few months. The current outbreak is believed to have started in Angola in December, and […]
4 May 2017

Autumn Period in Namibia

Autumn in Namibia Have you planned a trip to Namibia in our Autumn months? It’s well known that this is a special time to visit as the weather is becoming […]
4 May 2017

Luderitz Nest Hotel

His Excellency, Dr. Sam Nujoma, the first State President of Namibia, officially launched the Lüderitz Nest Hotel on Friday 24th April 1998.  During these last 17 years, the hotel has […]