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Brandon McCarthy’s baby girl has some side eye for you

Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images Welcome back to Mound Visits, where we recap all of the fun or unexpected things you might have missed from baseball this week. This week, Joe Kelly trades in throwing ..

Rousey’s second WWE PPV match to be a Raw Women’s Title shot That escalated quickly. Just hours after word came down Ronda Rousey would be joining WWE at their presentation at NBC Upfronts (where new programming line-ups are revealed and networks make ..

Iyanla Fix My Life Previews: Philando Castile’s Fiancée Diamond Reynolds [Video]

1 of 8❯❮ (GETTY) You must remember that grotesque video Diamond Reynolds live streamed when Philando Castile was murdered in front of his own toddler. Turn the pages or more from this upcoming ep..