Connect to the ocean from your living room in real time

Just Imagine… sitting in your living room after a long day at the office. Click your mouse a few times and suddenly you’re under water. There are schooling hammerheads above, turtles, fish and bizarre..

13 hand-picked Parys(ian) stays

This Free State Town offers romance (with a name like that, who could resist?), old-fashioned nostalgia and extreme adventure in one package. Book these spots for a riverside escape. How it works? Tr..

10 cosy cabins and cottages for a winter break

Winter getaways: a crackling fireplace, good red wine, and a cosy cabin. Doesn’t that sound perfect? Yes. That’s because it is. These cottages and cabins all over South Africa have been tried and test..

The rise & fall of SUP boarding in the Swartvlei Estuary

For the April issue of Getaway, I explored Knysna and it’s surrounding areas on a fun-filledtrip that involved a stop at the Swartvlei Estuary for a stand-up paddleboarding session with Garden Route T..

Insider’s Guide to Jacobsdal: revival of the harvest

Jacobsdal, just 154 kilometres west of Bloemfontein, is where the first wine cellar outside the Western Cape was built. Ondela Mlandu went there to taste the wines of the platteland. Photographs by Te..

8 Heavenly Bath-Soaking Getaway’s

Watching the waters rise at these heavenly baths will fill you with serenity and gratitude. Choose from a range of spas or outdoor baths. Get in for a light soak or lounge out until you’re soft and wr..

7 Glorious Car-Washing Getaways

If you haven’t seen the real colour of your car in months, these getaways are just for you and will leave your car looking shiny and brand new. Choose from a simple car wash or get the whole shebang v..

10 Magnificent Hair-Washing Getaways

There’s nothing quite like the rush of water running through your hair and these fabulous places don’t disappoint. Experience water pressure at its finest! That’s right, these taps run at full capaci..

6 Classic Pool-Splashing Getaways

Lounging around in an infinity pool with a drink in hand doesn’t have to feel like a faraway dream at these magical poolside locations. Pack your pineapple lilo and float away to picturesque views tha..

5 Exhilarating Water-Thrill Adventures

There’s something magical, restorative and invigorating about water. Research finds that spending time near the water and in nature is good for your wellbeing. Which brings us to these amazing places..

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