When You Reframe Your Breakup as an Opportunity, Everything Changes

“Sometimes the most uncomfortable learning is the most powerful.” ~Brené Brown Seems impossible, doesn’t it? How can you look at your breakup as an opportunity when it feels like someone cut your ri..

If This Epic Pre Game Speech Doesn’t Fire You Up.. Check Your Pulse

Sports and epic speeches seem to go hand in hand. If you need a hit of motivation scroll down. One of the most motivational speeches is Al Pacino from Any Given Sunday but another epic pep talk is t..

What to Do If You Feel Trapped by Your Circumstances

“As long as we know we’re trapped, we still have a chance to escape.” ~Sara Grant Talking to someone last week who had to ‘volunteer’ to return to their country of birth, a country defined by the Uni..

You Only Need To Do ONE THING To Be Successful!

“I love yoga so much. It breaks my heart that I can’t practice every day. I can’t pick a favorite style. But I also really enjoy cardio fitness, I don’t get to practice that much, either. I love readi..

The Importance of Finding and Standing in Our Truth

“What I know for sure is that you feel real joy in direct proportion to how connected you are to living your truth.” ~Oprah Winfrey If we cannot live in and from our truth, then we cannot be authenti..

When You Feel Like You’ve Got Nothing Left Inside – DIG DEEPER and find...

You Never Know How Strong You Are Until Being Strong Is The Only Choice You Have – Bob Marley When You Feel Like You’ve Got Nothing Left Inside – DIG DEEPER and find LIFE! – Motivational Speech Dow..

Everyone’s Doing The Best That They Can

“All I know is that my life is better when I assume that people are doing their best. It keeps me out of judgment and lets me focus on what is, and not what should or could be.” ~Brené Brown My favor..

How I’m Freeing Myself from the Trap of Stuff I Don’t Need

“In the marketing society, we seek fulfillment but settle for abundance. Prisoners of plenty, we have the freedom to consume instead of the freedom to find our place in the world.” ~Clive Hamilton, Gr..

This Weekend I Fell Apart, and That’s Okay

“Look for something positive each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.” ~Unknown This weekend I hurt more than I have in a very long time. It all started on Friday, when my boyfr..

When Life Hurts: 3 Tips for Hard Times

“When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” ~Franklin D. Roosevelt Life is an unpredictable experience filled with peaks and plateaus. One thing is certain, at some point on this..

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